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Exterior Architectural Rendering

  • Elevation Rendering
  • Eye level Rendering
  • Birds Eye View Rendering
  • Drone Renderings
  • Site Plans

Interior Architectural Rendering

  • Feature Appliance Rendering
  • Eye Level Room Rendering
  • Interior Design Planning
  • 3D Floorplan
  • Cut away dollhouse

Animated Architectural Flythrough

  • Exterior Site Animated Flythrough
  • Interior unit animated walkthrough
  • Drone + Architectural Animation
  • 3D Explination Videos
  • Live Action Video

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does an Architectural Rendering Project Usually Take?
Architectural rendering timelines can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. We typically aim to send drafts within a couple days of receiving the go-ahead for a project to confirm camera angles. After that, we send a working draft and revisions as quickly as possible. It is always suggested to leave as much time for a render as possible to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the image or animation. Often times issues within the design are visualized once receiving a first draft and changes need to be made by the architect.
How does your pricing work?
The price of an architectural render can change depending on the size and complexity of the project. After we receive architectural plans and information about what services you will require we will give you a final price for the project. We require 50% upfront and 50% upon completion of the project.
How Many Revisions Do You Offer?
GSW Animation provides 1 draft to confirm camera angles followed by 3 round of revisions of working copies of the images. If you require additional revisions beyond that point the changes will be quoted separately.
What are the Steps to get Started?
  1. Fill out our contact form to receive a price estimate on your project
  2. We will agree upon a price and send you an invoice for the first 50% of the project
  3. We will send camera angle confirmations
  4. Once a camera angle is selected we will send a draft image for review and begin working with you through the revision process